Who we are

Moulding Service, is a dynamic and new company, founded in 1999 by the brilliant intuition of some partner that, abreasting the thirty years of experience in moulding of highly qualified technical skills, have joined this new adventure. Apply to moulding on behalf of a third party the concepts of quality and personalized service that makes the difference.


Mission of Moulding Service is offering its customers a close collaboration in the design and manufacture of products to print, we side by side to them in the path that goes from a project to its fulfilment. This path, however, is not limited to the first passages, but is still in production, where we work alongside the client in solving problems of ordinary and extraordinary administration. Moreover, each customer has their own personal contact who takes control over the entire production process: the progress of the work, the check of the processing stages and which intervenes in key moments. A tutor who is also a reference after the end of the project, to check that in post production everything is in standard issue and when new requirements arise he will be able to intervene promptly.

Quality as a philosophy.

Moulding Service over the years has made of quality its philosophy. We refer especially to those customers who are looking for practical solutions to their problems, but which have as their primary goal the quality of the final product.
The strength of Moulding Service has been above all customer service; in fact, we not only provide a printed product, but a complete service and support, even after the sale. We devote special attention to the quality grade of printed products that we provide to our customers.

We prepare mask of shape and control templates in order to obtain more uniform in size, we do systematic checks during the manufacturing process and all tests requested by the custode and defined in the operation schedule.

Environmental care

Moulding Service has always took care to environmental issues, therefore regular checks are made on all phases of the production cycle, on the operation of machines and vacuum cleaners, considerably reducing the emissions that are monitored constantly.

In addition, the raw materials used and the products made are all recyclable, in this way our products participate the cycle of safe and guaranteed disposal that allows those who use them to have a certified product.

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