The secret is not to take care of the butterflies,

but to take care of the garden so the butterflies come to you.

Moulding Service, is a dynamic and new company, founded in 1999 by the brilliant intuition of some partner that, abreasting the thirty years of experience in moulding of highly qualified technical skills, have joined this new adventure. Apply to moulding on behalf of a third party the concepts of quality and personalized service that makes the difference.   read more…
Headquarter via Viazza 1° tronco, 27 località Ubersetto 41042 Fiorano Modenese (Modena) Production site and warehouse via Viazza 1° tronco, 23 località Ubersetto 41042 Fiorano Modenese (Modena)
tel. +39 059 776601 fax +39 059 770005 email:


Moulding of polyethylene products with rotational system

Finishing of products with manual or robotic processing

Completion of the artifacts with accessories

Construction, maintenance and modification of moulds

Design and / or co-design of products and moulds